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this is a more advanced cannon that uses butane as a fuel sorce.is has a 5' by 3" barrel that leads to a 2' by 4" camber. In the camber theres a tube leading out that leads to a butane tank. Theres also a built in grill starter for the ignition. The ignition consists of two screws that create an electrical arc between the screws to ignite the fuel. It works to a point, but there is a problem with an un even distribution of o2 and butane levels. this leads me to producing a second tube that pumps o2 in to the chamber. once this is developed I feel it will be able to reach tremendous distances.


part list

5' 3" PVC

2' of 4" PVC

one 4" to 3" converter

one grill starter

butane tubing

PVC gule

one screw off end cap

two screws

one 4" sleeve

butane nozzle


still a lot of flaws I'm still working on if you build one I'm open for any findings u may have Hwhitney@hohorst.net

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