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Dart Cannon

Page history last edited by PBworks 13 years, 5 months ago

Dart Cannon


Very powerfll and mobile cannon. uses a blowgun for a barrel. this thing can shoot a 1g dart at velocitys that I'm still trying calculating. With out the cannon a blowgun has velocits from 150 to 300 fps.  Impressive consitering the human lungs can put out around .5 psi. This cannon gets up to 100+ psi. You can imagin the velocity has got to be pretty fast consitering I have shot a dart threw a quarter with this one. 




Parts List


2   1" 90s

1   1" T peice

1   1" to 3/4 threaded for 3/4

1'  2" pvc

1'  1" pvc

1   2" couple

1   2" to 1" converter

1   3/4 " threaded couple

1   3/4 " threaded to non threaded

2'  3/4" pvc

1   .40 dartgun barrel

1   tube of pvc joint compount

1   can of pvc glue

1   roll of gorrila tape or duck tape gorillas thicker ( no not the entire roll.)  (used to fit the blow gun barrel in the 3/4 inch barrel)

1   fitting to convert from 1 inch T to bike pump nozzle (a tap will work from what I hear, still not tryed yet)

1   100 psi rated valve, I used a garden hose nozzle 3/4 inch threaded






This file will calculate velocitys.

Dart cannon dimensions are

Barrel length: 72 inch

Barrel width: 10 mm

Pressure in system: 0-100 psi

Weight of dart: .7 grams




















physics of velocity soon








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